Happy Birthday, Steve Hooper! (Spoiler: He Plays with a Butt Plug.)

Steve Hooper - glorious

Did I ever mention how much I love Steve Hooper? I know I did, but it’s never too much nor too praising. Steve might not have been the most passionate performer in the business, but he was the handsomest and the nicest man (tied with Omar Williams) ever to grace porn. Unfortunately, a kind character is not enough to make it in life – actually it’s the best ticket to disaster – and Steve saw himself reduced to escorting after excelling at a career that could have made him a millionaire. [Read more...]

Criss Strokes and Alex Gonz in Double Vaginal Action


The most surprising thing about Criss Strokes – care to guess? – is how well circumcised he is. For me, there’s nothing more disappointing than a beautiful cock ruined by all that scarred tissue. There are exceptions, though, and Criss (you can add Peter North to the list) is one of them. Another one is my boyfriend. An American and a Jew, he couldn’t have kept his foreskin but in a jar. [Read more...]

Steve Douglas Blows a She-Male, but I Don’t Care. Really, I Don’t. *Sob*

Steve Douglas & she-male 16

When I came across this spooky story from The Ghost of Porn Past, I was shocked to find Steve Douglas in it. I simply refused myself to believe that one of the hottest studs from the Golden Age (when most studs weren’t hot, by the way) had succumbed to the charms of a pay check in exchange for wrapping his lips around a suppository-like penis. I’m still struggling hard to accept that some hot men get a kick out of she-males, BUT TO GIVE THEM HEAD? Oh, come on! [Read more...]

Carlos Bazuca and Wesley: Double Anal Brazilian Team

Wesley, Monica Mattos & Carlos Bazuca

To celebrate the World Cup’s kick-off, I’d like to show my appreciation for Brazil by introducing you (again) to the best in it, particularly the men, whether they’re playing football, taking to the streets to demonstrate, sunbathing on the beach, or wildly fucking like Carlos “Carlão” Bazuca and Wesley do here. Or working, of course – let’s not forget the Brazilian who works. [Read more...]

Julian Rios and Sean Michaels Messing in Double Pussy Penetration

Julian & Sean Michaels

Some guys are simply wrong in porn. In my humble opinion Sean Michaels is one of those guys. Twenty years ago he had the kind of beautiful face that could have hit any fashion magazine cover (when he didn’t disfigure it with an unfavourable moustache) and a slender body with flexible limbs that he could have paraded in any Parisian catwalk. He chose porn, unfortunately, where the only limb he ever needed was too flexible for our tastes, I’m afraid. [Read more...]

Goodbye, Google+. I’ve Never Liked You, Anyway.


Yesterday, after about 500 followers and more than a half a million views, Google+ informed me kindly that my Straight Porn Studs page had been suspended for violating their pornography rules, and asked me to trim the forbidden content in order to make it acceptable and avoid deletion.

I don’t know what I did to deserve the wrath of G+ since I’ve never posted full frontal nudity – not even one preposterous erection concealed by an extremely stretched Speedo. [Read more...]

Hoping Billy Glide Didn’t Die

Billy Glides eyes

I’m stunned. Actually, I don’t know exactly what I’m feeling; I only know I feel like this when I lose someone I care about a lot. Today I learnt of Billy Glide’s passing and it’s as if I a lost a close friend – which he was, although we never met. I’ve always loved him, not just because he was scorching hot and had a huge penis, but because he seemed to be an earnest and kind man, a specimen rarely spotted among male adult performers.

The details are so ridiculous I’m hoping it’s just a malicious hoax perpetrated by some unworthy rival or a scorned woman. I’m also willing to believe it’s all but a distasteful publicity stunt. [Read more...]

Jake Steed Has a Disease. And He Uses TT Boy’s Cum to Jerk Off.


The first time I saw Jake Steed in all his awing glory, he was under the protective wing of Ed Powers, author of the celebrated Dirty Debutants series.

Actually, I’m very reluctant to use terms like “the protective wing of” as they suggest some sexual trade between the protector and the protected. Incidentally, Ed Powers confessed to being a bisexual with a penchant for “young and hung men”. Great, now you’re all jumping to conclusions. See why I don’t like such terms? [Read more...]

Proof that Christoph Clark, David Perry, Ian Scott, Kevin Long, and Richard Langin are Gay (or Bisexual)


In case you’re wondering, this proof is so hard that events go on in a jail without a trial. Allow me: Cassandra Wild, a necessary evil, jerks off Alberto Rey until he comes on Aniko. Ms. Wild spreads his cum on and around Aniko’s pussy and proceeds to masturbate Richard Langin, Kevin Long, David Perry, and Ian Scott successively, always using their seed as lubricant to jerk the next mate off. All in one single unedited take. [Read more...]

Love, peace, and health, everyone!