On Blogger for a While


I took the blog to http://straightpornstuds.blogspot.com/ for a few months while I’m detaching from my baby. I don’t think I’ll update it (fact: I could never work my way around Blogger), but you’re welcome to drop me a line there whenever you like.

Thank you all for your kind words and for being a great crowd. I know I could have done better; still it’s lovely to also know that what I did was spot on.

All the best!

John Roy

Farewell, Loves

FarewellJust like everybody else, I hate goodbyes. Thus it’s with great chagrin that I’m taking The Porn Studs/Str8 Porn Studs off the air in a few days. I can’t update the blog as much as you deserve, and the annoyances I’m experiencing with BitShare make it impossible for me to go on. I still thought of moving to another file host, but simply put I don’t have the drive anymore.

Many of the posts I planned won’t come true. For example, I wanted to write on why is suicide the major cause of death among porn stars. I also outlined a post on how Marco Nero stole half a million pounds in jewellery and art and fled to Brazil, selling part of the hot property to Andrea Nobili, who was left behind to deal with the Italian police. Porn studs exposed indeed. I’m sorry you’ll have to know the details from someone else.

Many of the guys you love haven’t come up as well. I regret not having talked about Scott Nails, Johnny Sins, Frank Gun, Mugur, and Totti, for instance. They raise so many thoughts… A flurry of irresistible British gents–Marc Rose, Jamie Barry, Jack Mason, Luke Hardy, Seth Strong, and Billy King–will also be left out. If you allow me some favouritism, Marc, Jamie, Jack, and Luke are today’s best studs. Rule, Britannia!

All in all I spent most of my posts on Omar Williams, Steve Hooper, Rocco Siffredi, Frank Major, Peter North, Roberto Malone, and Jean-Yves Le Castel–my idols from when I was in my teens. I hope that didn’t bother you too much.

Harry Reems and Billy Glide were also idols from that time. Billy was as hot as he was nice, which makes his premature passing more difficult to grasp. As to Harry, we owe him the fact that pornography is legal in the civilized world. He paid a huge personal price, but we’re freer today thanks to his courage. I dedicate www.thepornstuds.com to both of them.

Many thanks for being a terrific audience. I love you all.

Roberto Malone Fucks Himself with a Big Dildo

Roberto Malone parodying Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

Roberto Malone parodying Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

I’m going to overlook the obvious – that you’re all rushing to get the file and ignoring what I’m about to write – and put on a few words. What else can I do, right? Just know it’s a rather small file (“small” being an adjective not associated with Roberto Malone at all) but a shocking one given its protagonist. I wouldn’t be reading this either. [Read more…]

Neeo Cums on Franco Roccaforte


Here’s another shining homoerotic jewel just for you, my friends. It’s a blowjob only treat featuring Franco Roccaforte and Neeo trying to stick their big fat penises in some girl’s mouth. (Ok, her stage name is Anita Queen; it’s only fair she gets her share of the credits.) It was also the first time I ever saw Neeo working with another male, and, let me tell you, I got the strong impression that this Czech hottie has a foot on each side of the fence. [Read more…]

Philippe Soine Loves Jean-Yves Le Castel


This one, my dear friends, is a must have. After you download it (regret will haunt for ever if you don’t), just jump to 14:17. Hopefully you’ll see Jean-Yves Le Castel unload on Philippe Soine’s cock, not by accident but because Philippe himself puts it there to collect his friend’s hot spurts before everybody else does. Then he spreads Jean-Yves’ cum all over Tricia Deveraux’s face with his penis until it shines with smoothness. Obviously he wants Jean-Yves’ babies. [Read more…]

Ian Scott Seriously Rimmed

Ian Scott, Gabriella Marceau & Sunny Blue - Bitches II

I’m so mad at myself. I have this terribly exciting excerpt sitting on my hard drive for ages and I didn’t remember it at all. I don’t know how a straight porn stud being rimmed could have slipped from my always so alert part of the brain where I store every straight(-ish) stud being rimmed. Maybe it’s because I’m not exactly a huge fan of Ian Scott, which might explain my negligence. [Read more…]

Spanish Devils Juan Z and Nick Moreno

Juan Z & Nick Moreno

I’m aware that this is not as homoerotic as other scenes I’ve been (very intermittently) posting, but it has two of Spain’s top porn studs who hadn’t yet made their debut here – Juan Z and Nick Moreno. They’re very nice to look at, although not as striking or sexy as some of their peers, and love to show off what they have. Still it’s an exciting piece of porn, at least up to the final anal creampie. [Read more…]

David Perry Tastes Toni Ribas’ Cum

David Perry & Toni Ribas

I know you’re impatient and don’t want to lose time reading this, so proceed to download. You also don’t want to know my opinion; you’re just here to see how your dreams came true, but anyway I think it was an accident. [Read more…]

Please Help Christy Mack

Manuel Ferrara, Christy Mack, Keiran Lee

This is a bit off chart now, but is extremely important. As you may know, porn starlet Christy Mack was brutally assaulted. She barely survived, but the recovery will take months, if not years, during which time she won’t be able to work at all. She’ll also be needing several reconstructive surgeries, something heavily expensive but absolutely necessary for someone who makes a living of her looks.

Her girlfriend Kendall Karson set up a fundraising account to help with Christy’s medical bills. All the details regarding the assault and the injuries are there. You can find it –and hopefully make a small donation– here. Adult performers usually compromise their lives for us to live our fantasies, so it’s only fair we help them out when they need us. Don’t worry if you can donate. Although every penny counts, you can always share the page or hit the support button.

I’m afraid our donations will only help her recover from the physical scars, as no amount of money will ever eface the emotional ones. As I looked for more information, I’ve read some awful comments aimed at making her feel like an utter piece of shit. I hope Christy doesn’t pay much attention to these self-righteous people, and that they’ll learn soon that pornographers aren’t a unworthy separate breed, but are the next man as well.

Out of the Office Reply


Just a short message to let you know I’ll be away for a few days and I won’t be able to reactivate the dead links that’ll pile up meanwhile. I can use the internet there but porn is not advisable. Can’t wait to get there either. Anyway, everything will be running again by next weekend (I hope).

Thanks, guys.