Stop Bullfighting, not Bullfighters

bullfighter in pink

And how exactly do you do that? Is it possible to separate one from the other? Err… Actually, it’s not. If bullfighting was banned permanently, bullfighters, for whom we all have a crush, would be instantly extinct. And not only bullfighters: the  bull would soon be extinguished as well because it’s bred specifically for the ring. I can’t decide what’s more tragic. [Read more…]

Julian solo

I want Julian for Christmas (among a bunch of others). And then he won’t be solo anymore. [Read more…]

Height vs. Size

There’s an untranslatable saying according to which short men have big penises and taller men have them small. Another swears that “big hands, big cock”, while the Spaniards claim that well endowed men have big thumbs. When I was younger and inexperienced I checked these so called “orientations” and – guess what? – I had quite a few disappointments. But I also had a lot of stunning surprises. [Read more…]

Bald is Hot

Fredrik Ljungberg 4

Don’t you agree? [Read more…]

T. T. Boy Cums on Roberto Malone

To be fair, T.T. ejaculates on Sybille Rauch as well, but who cares about her, right? It’s only her fault she was in the middle. Anyway, it’s almost unbearably exciting to see some of The Troy Boy’s cum land on Roberto’s dark hairy thighs. Oh! [Read more…]

A Hot Anonymous Being Sucked Off


Speaking of blowjobs, here’s a nice cock sucking scene. The guy has a yummy material. He’s all I like in a man: late thirties, early forties charm (or so he looks), a nice body (not worked out, but lean just the same) and horny. He’s got a hard-on from minute one, something very rare amongst porn studs who frequently start flat. That’s why we are allowed to accompany his bulge until he takes his suckable cock out. Who doesn’t like to spend some time enjoying the outline of a hard cock in jeans? [Read more…]

Mick Blue & Steve Hooper Engaged – In Double Anal

Some of the best things in the world come from Austria. Mozart, Schoenberg, the Sachertorte, the Apfelstrudel – all hailed from Austria. Some of the worst things also crept out of Austria, but we’re not talking about them here. So back to the best: the Apfelstrudel… Oh, and the men! [Read more…]

Erick Lewis is Omar Williams’ Successor

The black guy in this video reminds me of a lover I had in College. He was the boyfriend of a colleague of mine, and when he broke up with her he hooked up with me. I’ve seen him about a year ago and he has lost his hair, put on some weight, but has retained his chemistry. He’s married (to a woman) and faithful (yes, I did try to trick him into the joys of adultery), so I don’t see why the bloody bastard kept his chemistry at all. [Read more…]

Grant Bowler’s Dream Bulge


Speaking of bulges, I knew there was a reason for all those fond memories of Ugly Betty, even if I wasn’t the show’s most devoted viewer. Thank goodness I happened to see this episode. Grant Bowler was the hottest actor there, but here my eyes went off the orbits, my speech was gone and after catching my breath I could only stutter. [Read more…]

Jean-Yves Le Castel’s Big Bulge

If there’s something that drives me wild, it’s a big bulge in jeans. Actually, a big bulge in any fabric disturbs me just the same, but the denim adds that extra thing. A man doesn’t have to have a hard-on – he only needs to have enough stuffing for me to know that there lies a sleeping monster. [Read more…]