Cristian Devil and Ian Scott (with Rocco’s Super Rod)

Cristian Devil is one of Italy’s national treasures. He should have a statue next to David’s in Florence, preferably with his phenomenal hard-on sculpted. In the absence of a renowned sculptor, his great body and respective appendix have been caught on film in many angles and positions to be thoroughly analyzed in every art class throughout the world.

If I seem too enthusiastic about Cristian, that’s because I have a soft spot for bald men with big penises. That spot is even softer if the guy doesn’t mind rubbing cocks, whether in the mouth, pussy or ass of some willing girl. Or with no girl at all.

For now, Cristian does all those things under the pretext of the girl, joined by another wild fucker, Ian Scott. Hopefully they’ll remove every girl in between in the future so they can feel more at ease. If you can tolerate her presence, you’ll find this scene a deliciously nasty one. It’s a desert island choice.

Rocco Siffredi makes a short appearance (better said, his cock does). Covering Nikky’s face with his cum is the boys’ cue to begin the action. You’ll love Ian kissing her avidly after that. He goes on kissing her throughout, never mind she just blew Cristian and Rocco. What can I say, he’s a true lover.

You’ll also love one of the best double blowjobs ever, when the guys lay down, legs over each other, and she sucks them both. In my opinion, this is how the scene should have ended, but I can’t complain. As a gay guy, one should be thankful to Rocco for creating all these fantasies for us. It constantly reminds us why we like straight porn so much.–Ian-Scott—Nikky-Thorn.wmv.html


  1. Lovelarah says:

    the devil!!!! love that MAN.

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