Jack Lawrence Jacking

If I had to choose just one porn stud to be my boyfriend, I’d pick Jack Lawrence. Wrong choice, as Jack is one of the straightest men in the business. He loves eating pussy and he’s very reluctant about sharing a woman with another guy, strong signs that he’s really into women, hence the shortage of double penetration scenes with him.

But Jack is a hot man over forty, and a hot man over forty drives me wild to the point of oblivion. He also seems to be a decent human being, at least from what I’ve gathered from interviews, and he always aknowledges his huge gay fan base, something other porn studs don’t as if all the cheering they get is only from women and straight men (ya, right).  Add his crazy good looks and you have the best boyfriend you could wish for, except he’s straight.

Not being a man to have a platonic relationship (you lose, Jack), I’ll open an exception this time and dream on with the help of videos such as this great solo, imagining he’s masturbating just for me. Since I feel a lot of you guys also have to stick to the same fantasy, I leave it here for you to grab it and give wings to your imagination.




  1. I just happened to come across your blog and it is great.
    Thank you.

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