Jay Huntington and Jerry: Family Ties

Genetics say that size is hereditary, so I did a little research to see if it’s true. No, I didn’t peek at my father’s pants to be sure he has what I’ve got; in fact, I don’t even want to know. I’m already sick from bringing it up.

Hot porn stud Jerry seems to be not so sensitive. Not only he’s in the same line of business as his hot father Jay Huntington (aso a prolific actor in bi and gay porn, where he goes by the alias Chance Caldwell), but they also did some double penetration scenes together that are a must for every porn lover. As porn lovers that you are, enjoy.

If you’re a geneticist trying to figure if size is hereditary, evidence produced hereby suggests it is. When I first saw Jay Huntington (as Chance Caldwell) in some gay video, I remember mouth-watering at his big fat cock. His son Jerry is his spitting image – in everything. So much so that when I saw him for the first time I believed he was Jay (ya, like if people didn’t get older anymore).

As much as I love this scene (just watch at 25:34, when Jay uses a finger to lovingly push down some of his son’s cum into Julie’s mouth) I could never do it myself. Not only because of mom, but because dad is dad. I can’t even begin to imagine myself having sex with my father watching, let alone mingled in it. Gross.

Thus said, I’ve met some hot guys with hot sons with whom I would have loved to have had sex – not necessarily one at a time – and I love the fantasy. Jay and Jerry, for example, are that kind of father-son. I don’t know what other sons think, but if they’re okay with having a trio with their own fathers, if I’m allowed to throw myself in, great.



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