Remigio Zampa & Omar Williams: A Perfect Match

Remigio Zampa is my kind of man. Actually, a lot of men are my kind of man. From the falsely innocent twink to the knowing daddy, blonds, brunettes, redheads, blacks, jocks, hunks, rugged, ugly but sexy, they all make me horny. So it’s better if I just say that Remigio Zampa is my kind of daddy. Better put he is one of my kinds of daddy. Never mind.

Omar Williams is also my kind of man, so having two of my kind of man cast together is something that makes me twice hornier.

Besides the studs, this scene contains everything it should but double anal or double pussy. It’s all about anal and a dash of SM (Mr. Zampa’s courtesy), accompanied by the proverbial bromance expected in this gay targeted kind of staging. Apart from the very much welcome double blowjob on 06:47, you can see on 14:29 how Omar and Michelle engage in a long French kiss. All the more special when a bit earlier she had sucked (several times) Remigio’s fat dick. And a foot.

An interesting thing is the dubbing. You can see all these Italian and Eastern European people “speaking” in a perfect upper class British English. The only English there, Omar, doesn’t actually speak with such an accent, but he doesn’t have a line to be dubbed. I always find dubbing very entertaining as the voices never match the real ones. Remigio is a good example. He sounds much younger in real life, but they’ve attributed him the voice of a centenarian just to, I guess, add to the kink.



  1. I could not help commenting on the scene of O. Williams/M. Ferrari/R. Zampa. All of them are stars and their 5* performance does not need comments. On the other side the cameraman who shot the scene must be a complete amateur: short cuts, quick sequence of details, cutting without any concept etc. But above of all his constant change of the camera’s angle and running around the bed makes a viewer losing his idea about the scene. He wants to comprise everything but at the end he makes a complete mess. I wish he used more his head than feet. I also wish the cameraman just leave his camera on a tripod and leaves the room. I believe this way he could save the day and give more appreciation for the excellent work of the stars. I also advice the camera guy go and take lessons of how to work with camera from masters like Pierre Woodman or Rocco. The cameraman totally destroyed the hard work of artists, sorry and shame…

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